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Are you ready for The GreatFIT Challenge?

Our next GreatFIT Challenge is September 28, 2017

If you’re ready to get serious about fitness, this is the challenge for you! The GreatFIT Challenge is a six-week, trainer-led roadmap to a better you.

The program cost is $100 for the six week session and includes:

  • Weekly workouts
  • Weigh-ins
  • Nutrition plans
  • Email challenges and tips
  • T-shirt on completion

The GreatFIT Challenge begins with an inspirational kickoff meeting and runs for 6 weeks with workouts and weigh-ins every Thursday at 6pm. This program is available at the following GreatLIFE Fitness Clubs:

  • Woodlake Athletic Club
  • Willow Run
  • 39th & Phillips
  • 26th & Marion
  • Performance Center
  • EmBe

During the first session, we’ll lay down the rules and work up a nutrition plan, introduce the team leaders and do the initial weigh-in. You’ll get familiar with your Nutrition Journal, ask questions, get answers, and get inspired.

With this program, everyone’s a winner, but the participants that make the most fitness progress will get special prizes!

  • Biggest % of Body Weight Lost
  • Life Changer

Hard work pays off with the GreatFIT Challenge. The biggest reward is knowing you stepped up to a better you. Are you up for it?

This program is not available at all GreatLIFE Fitness Clubs. Dates and times may vary. To sign up or learn more, email or call 605-271-3232.

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