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Visualize a Healthier You – Fit3D

What do you see when you look in the mirror? For most people, the body image we see doesn’t make us happy, nor is it an accurate picture of our body or our health. Now at GreatLIFE, there’s a way to get a precise picture. It’s called Fit3D. Fit3D

Come See What You’ve Been Missing

You have to admit, you’re a little curious about this GreatLIFE thing. You’ve seen the billboards, heard the radio commercials, and even listened to your friends talking about the benefits of playing golf as often as they like at some of the greatest courses in the area.

This Saturday, you can

Working Out Shouldn’t Be This Exciting.

With GreatLIFE’s newest fitness class – QuickFIT – there are only three things you can count on. Surprising. Results. Fast. What happens next is anybody’s guess.

When you sign up to experience QuickFIT, expect to be introduced to something new – and exciting – from session to session. From HIIT training,

Insulin Resistance

Recent studies have shown dramatic increases in the percentage of Americans suffering from some form of Insulin Resistance. This may, or may not, mean anything to you right now. However, I believe it is something that all of us need to become aware of. It is a growing epidemic that